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     When researching specific issues on national security, global terrorism or the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC),  I begin OSINT research by combing through these 19 resources. In addition, you may want to read my OSINT strategies helpful to battle radical Islam. Hope you find these 19 sites useful. Here at OSINT News, we appreciate your comments and thoughts, so please let us know what you think on the Secure Contact Form in the right margin. 

1. To find excellent news about what's happening right now in Pakistan, click HERE

2. The Defense Daily Network is the leading source for business news, market research, competitive analysis & actionable intelligence in the global defense industry, click HERE

3. The Foundation For Defense of Democracies  (FDD)  focuses on terrorism, democracy and counterterrorism education, strategic communications and investigative journalism. It fights the  ideologies that drive terrorism.
4. Real Clear Defense is the source for the best defense news and commentary in one place. I rate this as excellent for OSINT research due to the varied and numerous articles available.

5. The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (GJIA) is the official publication of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. It often contains articles about terrorism, the Intelligence Community (IC), and military affairs.

6. The Center for the Study of the Drone (Drone Center) has articles about issues surrounding the use of drones.

7.  The START Consortium is a center of excellence committed to the scientific study of human causes and consequences of terrorism in the U.S. and around the world.

8. Domestic Preparedness has a wealth of info for first responders, police and the lay public that prepares them for a terrorist attack or catastrophic event.

9. War on the Rocks is a web magazine for analysis, commentary, and debate on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens. It features articles and podcasts produced by an array of writers with deep experience in these matters: top notch scholars who study war, those who have served or worked in war zones, and more than a few who have done it all.

10. The Global Security Newswire offers articles about WMD's, terrorist operations, counterterrorism, and national security in general.

11. Jason Leopold of Aljazeera News is an investigative reporter covering Guantanamo, counterterrorism, national security, human rights, open government and civil liberties issues. He's been called a "FOIA Terrorist" by federal employees for his aggressive use of the Freedom of Information Act, which included suing the FBI and forcing the agency to change its policies. 

12. Military(dot)com offers hundreds of articles and updates about each branch of the military and concerns about national security and global anti-terrorism efforts.

13. Breaking Defense offers professional articles regarding military and defense issues of our land, air and sea forces. In addition, the site discusses congressional issues, intelligence & cyber happenings, and the strategies and policies that affect America's defense needs.

14. Defense One provides the latest news, analysis and ideas for the new era in America's national security. 

15. The Aspen Security Forum provides professional, well-documented information and discussion on issues concerning America's Homeland Security, National Security, Counterterrorism, Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Local Law Enforcement. 

16. The Center For A New American Security is an independent, private consortium of experts who develop strong, pragmatic and principled national security and defense policies. The site provides innovative, fact-based research, ideas and analysis concerning national security issues. 

17. The Chatham House- Royal Institute of National Affairs is an independent policy institute based in London concerned with international security. High quality & policy relevant insight and analysis on a wide range of critical defence and security issues is provided.

18. The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is a non-profit international professional association with over 13,000 members and 200+ organizations engaged in the science and practice of Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Operations (IO), and related disciplines.

19. Government Matters is a TV news broadcast that covers federal government concerns in general, but often covers in-depth issues concerning the U.S. Intelligence agencies, terrorism and national security. 

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy novel series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean".  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Contact him on the Secure Contact Form

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


     In the latest Association Of Former Intelligence Officer's (AFIO) update, I came across a request by Lt. Cdr. David Gioe, PhD, USN. He needs assistance in his biography of MI6 officer Harold "Shergy" Shergold. Lt. Gioe stated that this legendary MI6 officer, who had deep contacts with the CIA, worked with Joe Bulik and George Kisevalter on the Penkovsky case and even addressed the CIA in the bubble
at the trailblazer ceremony in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of CIA. 

     Lt. Gioe believes that Harold Shergold was the only foreign officer to be invited to address the Agency at this CIA anniversary event. Writing about Shergy is not an easy task for his professionalism and discretion were legendary, according to Lt. Gioe. However, he has been making some progress to this end and Shergold's personal papers and effects have enabled a promising beginning. You can help him to capitalize on this momentum- if you knew MI6 officer Harold "Shergy" Shergold or had any interaction with him at all, write Lt. Gioe an email about it at 
     As a former CIA case officer, Lt. Gioe states that he will do right by Shergy's legacy and his memory and contributions will be chronicled in proper historical context. Further, as a former CIA officer all of his manuscripts have to be vetted before publication so rest assured that anything he publishes will be reviewed by CIA to ensure classified material doesn't enter the public domain. 
     If you can help out in this project, please contact Lt. David Gioe, PhD, USN, he will be very grateful for any assistance you can provide in telling Shergy's story. 


Addendum: Click HERE to obtain declassified CIA files on Soviet double agent for the U.S., Oleg Penkovsky

Addendum: Click HERE for transcript of interview with Joe Bulik, where Harold Shergold and the Penkovsky case is discussed.

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean."  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Got a thought, article or comment you'd like to submit? Contact him on the Secure Contact Form

Monday, August 18, 2014


FYI: There is a FREE Cybersecurity seminar put on by the FBI tomorrow (August 19th) from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the Defiance College Schomberg Auditorium at 701 North Clinton Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512. It is free, open to the public and no RSVP is required. You will learn how to prevent theft of intellectual property, phishing and spear phishing, social network attacks, mobile device attacks, and data leakage. Congressman Bob Latta organized this event. In today’s technological world, threats to our personal identity and businesses are around every corner. In 2013, there was a 62 percent increase in the number of data breaches, costing hardworking Americans almost $113 billion. The good news, though, is that awareness and preventive steps can go a long way in protecting yourself and your business.

Cyber Threats and Cyber Security


Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean."  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Got a thought, article or comment you'd like to submit? Contact him on the Secure Contact Form

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Symbolic CIA mural created by Loretta Anakin
     This is a wonderful montage dedicated to all CIA people, both retired and still working. Loretta Anakin created this Photo Shop picture especially for YOU at the CIA and hopes it warms all your hearts and boosts morale. Her cousin taught her how Photo Shop works.
     Loretta put much symbolism into this piece and the  concept and labor is all hers. She wishes the CIA will heal it self and rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix, and that the new rising CIA will be autonomous from politician control. 
     Thank you, Loretta!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


     On August 16th, I'll be attending a speaking engagement in Cleveland, Ohio called "Aspects of Radical Islam in the Balkans and Ties to Diaspora in US". It is sponsored by the Northern OHIO Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and will be held at 11:00 am at Notre Dame College, South Euclid, OH. 
     The speaker will be Dr. Steven Oluic, USA (ret.), Dean of Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences at Lakeland C.C. He is a published author and has presented at many professional conferences including the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the FBI, and the Department of State. He has also had a 27-year military career including tours of duty in Iraq, Korea, Germany, and Bosnia.
     This topic about radical Islam in the Balkans and its ties to the diaspora in America is relevant to all of us, due to the advancements of radical Islam in not only the Balkans, but throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere. Kudos to member Greg Moore, Ph.D., Chair Department of History and Political Science, and Director, Center for Intelligence Studies, Notre Dame College for his efforts in creating a venue for this presentation.
     A catered brunch of cold cuts, cheeses, etc. will be offered so a nominal fee will be collected at the meeting site. Due to many of the older intelligence agent members passing away, the group kind of faded away several years ago. However, it is being revitalized with younger members, both lay people and those who work in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).
     Want to meet some spooks? Non-members of AFIO may attend this event as a guest of mine. If you would like to attend, please contact me on or before August 15th. You can drive with me (free transportation) or follow me to the meeting site by yourself (Feel free to bring a friend or two). However, you won't be able to attend unless you're a registered guest of mine and are with me at the entrance. 
     How to contact me: Go to the right margin of this OSINT News site, to the Secure Contact Form.
Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean."  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Got a thought, article or comment you'd like to submit? Contact him on the Secure Contact Form

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Should Enhanced Interrogation Techniques be banned from use on identified terrorists? free polls 
     Now that the Senate Intelligence Committee approved a report on the CIA's post-9/11 interrogation program, it will soon be declassified and read throughout America and the world. Despite the news media hype and grandstanding machinations by politicians, no new surprises or revelations exist within the document. After much OSINT research and interviews with a few professionals in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), I couldn't uncover any startling new details about the CIA's detention and interrogation program, nor could I find evidence that the CIA lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about it.
     I do believe, from the very beginning, that our senators were fully aware of the intelligence operations undertaken after 9/11. Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) knew that the CIA created clandestine 'black sites' and used 'enhanced-interrogation techniques' in each of them, even though she speaks negatively of them now.
     I wanted to hear the facts about the EIT program right from the horse's mouth, so last year I planned to travel to Tysons Corner, VA to hear Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr. talk at the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Summer Luncheon. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the meeting and forfeited my registration fee. However, I learned much about the presenter, Rodriguez, who is a former CIA National Clandestine Service Director and was the person who, after 9-11, led the U.S. counterterrorism operations and oversaw the highly controversial enhanced interrogation technique (EIT) program, which was created to obtain vital and timely intelligence from terrorists bent on killing as many Americans as possible.

      Rodriguez served the United States for twenty-five years as an undercover officer before bringing his wealth of field knowledge to the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center (CTC). He was one of America’s top undercover operatives and used “hard measures” to thwart terrorist’s plans that targeted the U.S. In short, he was bent on saving thousands of American lives...lives that Sen. Diane Feinstein and most of our senators and congressmen also thought were in harm's way. 
     At the AFIO lecture, Rodriguez discussed how the CIA’s undercover operations and tactics were implemented during the George W. Bush presidency, how they were approved at the highest levels of the U.S. government, how they were certified as legal by the Department of Justice, and why they were supported by bipartisan leadership in the congressional intelligence oversight committees.
      It's unfortunate that Rodriguez and the CIA are under relentless criticism and smear campaign rhetoric. After reading his AFIO lecture transcript, conducting personal OSINT research on EIT's, and interviewing two of my intelligence consultants, I question if these critics of EIT's forgot the stark realities of 9/11. Even the AFIO questions whether the EIT critics can offer a sensible alternative. The current inaction, weak responses,  "touchy-feely" hand-holding, "tell-me-all, I'm your friend" sessions with terrorist detainees would not have been an appropriate response to the deaths of thousands of fellow citizens trapped in the twin-towers, helplessly pinned inside the Pentagon or held hostage on board the commercial airliner that crashed in a rural Pa. countryside. Grieving and anxiety-ridden Americans did not know if future terrorist attacks were in the making!
     As the shock of 9/11 faded, the support that the CIA enjoyed and deserved gave way to shortsighted and potentially dangerous political correctness. The tools which effective counterintelligence and counterterrorism rely on  have been neutralized by lack of funding and ineffective legislation. Our counterintelligence agents are hamstrung, spread thin, overworked, and subject to ridicule and prosecution…as was Rodriguez himself!
     His book “Hard Measures” reflects on the justification for the techniques used and why they were necessary, why they worked, and how, ultimately, they saved American lives and contributed to the capture of the world’s most-wanted terror operatives, including bin Ladin. 
     I watched the 60 Minutes program that grilled Jose Rodriguez and concluded it was an unbalanced 'script' skewed heavily by the critics of EIT, including some grandstanding politicians who claimed to be "experts" and unnamed others who stood on the sidelines to lob stones at officials, like Rodriguez, who were in the 9/11 trenches 
making tough, real-time national security decisions.  
     You may view both parts of the 60 Minutes program by clicking HERE It was aired on 4/29/12 and Jose Rodriguez showed no regrets about the CIA using "enhanced interrogation techniques". His interviewer, Leslie Stahl, exhibited intimidating body language, including raised eyebrows. It was quite obvious that she considered EIT’s unnecessary, evil and unbecoming of the U.S. Through her criticism, Stahl tried to make her prejudice plausible, but failed. She talked with Rodriguez about water-boarding and other EIT methods, but he said they proved essential in getting information from suspected terrorists. He emphasized that high-level detainees like Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah provided their best information only after harsh treatment.
     Interestingly, at the time, I wrote an unrelated article about John Kiriakou, entitled “CIA HERO INDICTED FOR ESPIONAGE”. It mentions a groundbreaking 2007 interview with ABC News, where Kiriakou defined waterboarding as torture, but admitted that it probably was effective, thus backing up Rodriguez's claim.
     We'll never know how many American lives that CIA Case Officer Rodriguez and the EIT program saved...those compiling the Senate Torture Report have no idea, either.

Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean."  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Got a thought, article or comment you'd like to submit? Contact him on the Secure Contact Form